Heat Pipe Heat Exchangers

  Desuperheater Water Heater
Manor “ Desuperheater Water Heater “ is a unique heat exchanger that generates hot water/ fluid to the maximum temperature of 80°C. The water / fluid can be heated by recovering the superheat of the refrigerant gas which is otherwise wasted to the atmosphere through air/ water cooled condensers. The heat is recovered with almost zero operating cost.

       We have two Desuperheaters

In a usual AC & R system, the refrigerant temperature rises in tune of 80°C to 120°C after compression. The refrigerant is further put to the air/ water cooled condenser to condense near about 40°C.

While the condensing of refrigerant in the condenser, the total heat contained in this high Temperature/high pressure gas gets wasted to the atmosphere.

This superheat of the gas which is part of the total heat content of the gas, has a substantial heat potential provided the same is reclaimed efficiently and is optimized for energy saving
Manor Desuperheater Water Heater is the ultimate accessory for an AC & R plant that can be used to remove superheat of the refrigerant.

Compressor Type
Discharge Temperature
Screw (Indirect cooled)
70 to 80°C
Screw (Injection cooled)
50 to 60°C
85 to 110°C
Boosters (Rotary & Reciprocating)
75 to 85°C


Double Walled “ Tube in Tube “, vented, counter flow heat exchanger. Vent tube having serrations on inner & outer surfaces to avoid cross contamination of refrigerant and water/ fluid. Each tube has a tube inside that allows water/ fluid to travel in an opposite direction.


The Desuperheater Water Heater is installed before the condenser and the oil separator. The refrigerant travels through the series of tubes in the Desuperheater before entering the condenser. Normally the Desuperheater Water heater is designed considering the hot water requirement for the processes. When needs of hot water & refrigeration are not simultaneous, a “ Recirculation “ type system is provided wherein hot water is generated, stored & maintained in an insulated tank. This hot water then can be utilised as and when required.
The Desuperheater water heater can be easily retrofitted on reciprocating, scroll or screw type chillers.

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