Name Of the Organisation   
Name of the concern persons for correspondence
Designation of the concern persons   
Type of Refrigerant   
Installed Tons of Refrigeration ( TR )
Average operating load ( TR )
Quantity of compressors   
Compressor make / Model   
Capacity TR each
Compressor Motor kW each   
Average running current of Compressor
Average running Hours/day
Compressor Discharge Temperature °C
Compressor Discharge Pressure ( psi )
Compressor Suction Temperature °C
Compressor Suction Pressure ( psi )
Compressor RPM   
Condenser ( Air/ Water Cooled )   
Qty & Temp of steam/ hot Water used in plant for any tech. Process
   Hot water litre/ hr @ °C       
   Steam TPH
Hot Water storage Capacity
Fuel used in boiler LDO/FO/Diesel    Litre / hour
Fuel Price Rs. / litre   
Condensate return for steam boiler   
Boiler Fresh make up water requirement
Electrical heaters – Application   
Electrical heaters – Quantity   
Electrical heaters – Each Capacity KW   
Electricity Tariff/ Per KW   
No. of Guest Rooms ( for the Hotels)   

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