About Us

MANOR, a Seventeen year's young organization, headed by a group of technocrats, emerged with a vital directive of presenting state of the art products and services in the field of Energy Savings. We are glad as manufacturers of Energy saving equipment's such as Heat Pipe Heat Recovery System, Desuperheaters and Econet Systems.

We are a part of M/s. MANIK Group. The group consists of " Manik Engineers " a well known brand for Refrigeration Controls, serving the industry for the past 30 years in India and " MANIKS ", the number brand in India for Dust Collector Pulse Solenoid Valves and timers.

The company was started by Mr. Shekhar Kulkarni, an IIT Powai Alumni, in 1978. We have different manufacturing plants in Pune for various product ranges. With the vast experience of MANOR'S Guru in the Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Industry, MANOR has chosen " Waste Heat Recovery through AC & R Compressors " as the contrivance to achieve large energy savings in the segments like Pharma & Chemical, Hotel & Hospitality, Speciality Hospitals, Dairy & Food Beverages, Textile etc.

The " Desuperheater Water heater " manufactured by MANOR has evolved as the most advantageous accessory for an AC & R plant that delivers Free of Cost Hot Water and enhances compressor's performance and life expectancy besides other concealed benefits.

Desuperheater installations at various places and in various industries have saved energy worth Cores of Rupees. Though the savings have benefited our customers directly by increasing their profits, it has also contributed in keeping the environment clean and pollution free and thus helping to reduce global warming effects.

Our esteemed customers now enjoy being " Echo-Friendly " and " Cost-Effective " organizations. And we welcome you to be the part of this movement!